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Are you Enough?

Lose the overwhelm and guilt

· family caregiving,Social Workers,Health Professionals

I hope you had blessed Christmas or Hanukah celebration. We had a wonderful Christmas. I cherish the memories that were made this past weekend with our family. And in a few days we will usher in a New Year. Are you ready for it? Are you Enough going into the New Year?

As a family caregiver, with my caree (my mom) living with us, there are days… many of them actually, that I question if I am Enough. Am I sufficient for my mom; for my family; for my friends; for the health care professionals that help in mom’s care?

For me?

On a daily basis there are many decisions to be made, tasks to be completed, and requests that are asked. Our desire tends to be all things to all people. But is that reasonable? When can we say Enough!?

Denise M. Brown, founder of recently attended a workshop and made this observation:

“We need to take care of our own baggage before we can really effectively work and relate with others. Our own baggage can really weigh down what we do in life, especially during and after caregiving.

Specifically, our thoughts about enough (being enough and having enough) really put a ton of pressure on our shoulders. You wonder if you’re doing or being enough in a caregiving situation, which can lead you to do too much. When you do too much for too long, you burn out. And, then you really feeling guilty.”

In my caregiving situations, I can honestly say that I have felt that overwhelm and guilt.

Health care professionals, current and former caregivers are invited to join me in the Enough! course starting January 7, 2017. The commitment is 4 Saturdays for a 1-hour conference call (there will be recordings if you can’t make it live). Register here… Enough! Course

Not sure if you are a family caregiver already? I encourage you to schedule a complimentary call with me. Peek at my calendar here and pick a time! **Lisa’s Calendar**

I am ready to enter 2017 realizing that I am Enough! with clearly set limitations. Will I see you there?

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