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How to have a happy 2017

Proactive tips in family caregiving

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Happy New Year!

Welcome 2017! 

I know many of my family and friends are happy to see 2016 in the books. There was significant loss and challenges to deal with but I am pretty sure 2017 will test us as well.

Have you recently returned from visiting family? Did you see (elderly) family members and notice a change in them? This can be noteworthy if there has been some time in between visits.

What did you notice about them?  Are you concerned about their daily care or living alone?

A few signs that trigger a need to dig deeper might be:

  1. Walking – slower gait… tripping
  2. Weight loss / eating / low food supply
  3. Burns – on themselves; pots and pans
  4. Bruising on their skin – have they fallen recently?
  5. Dressing and grooming – wearing the same outfit daily; un-kept appearance
  6. Automobile – are there new dents on the vehicle?
  7. Unopened mail / unpaid bills laying around
  8. Confusion / Memory Lapse
  9. Changes in personality / unable to reason with them

These are significant signs that a conversation needs to be initiated about their care. Discussions with their physician may be required, especially if you believe there is a health issue playing a role in these changes.

You owe it to them and yourself to ask questions. For all my caree’s I stressed that my goal was to keep them safe and healthy. Decisions surrounding those goals were not always easy nor accepted willingly. However, you don't have to do this alone. There is support!

Do you have questions about family caregiving? Then I invite you to join me in a Caregiving Heart-2-Heart discussion. Please go to this link to schedule a time ** Lisa’s Calendar **

Ease into 2017 and address any concerns you may have. Proactive is better than reactive in any situation!


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