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  • Who Is Lisa

    Creating a ~ serene ~ peaceful and safe place ~ harbor ~ is my mission in helping family caregivers in their journey.

    Lisa Riggi

    Chief Hug Officer

    When you first meet Lisa in-person, you learn her favorite thing to do is offer a big smile and a hug. And in a matter of moments you will be laughing. Her mission is always to bring a smile and joy to people. Family and friends turn to Lisa for her compassion, support and care when navigating the rough waters of life. She has made it her goal to share her caregiving experience of over 40 years and assist others who are considering or learning to join this very special group of people, caregivers and their loved ones...

    or as we lovingly call them, our caree.

  • Working Together

    I am on a mission to help you navigate the world of family caregiving as peaceful as can be. You are in a safe place here.

    Certified Caregiving Consultant

    Helping families navigate the waters of their caregiving experience

    We will work together to identify resources to help you through your caregiving journey.

    Certified Caregiving Educator

    Educating people in the community and workplace about caregiving

    As an educator, I will help spread the word about caregiving and how it impacts the daily lives of people every day!

  • The Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    2017年2月6日 · Elder caregiving,Health Professionals,family caregiving
    Yesterday (Sunday, February 5) I celebrated a first! I was bold and had my acting debut on Google Hangouts. I was nervous even though I was in front of my computer screen rather than on a stage, with an audience. It is easier to hide than to put ourselves in a vulnerable situation. However,...
    2017年1月2日 · family caregiving,Elder caregiving,caregivers
    Happy New Year! Welcome 2017!  I know many of my family and friends are happy to see 2016 in the books. There was significant loss and challenges to deal with but I am pretty sure 2017 will test us as well. Have you recently returned from visiting family? Did you see (elderly) family...
    2016年12月29日 · family caregiving,Social Workers,Health Professionals
    I hope you had blessed Christmas or Hanukah celebration. We had a wonderful Christmas. I cherish the memories that were made this past weekend with our family. And in a few days we will usher in a New Year. Are you ready for it? Are you Enough going into the New Year? As a family caregiver, with...
    For three weeks I have sat quite a few hours staring at my computer screen trying to put together a blog post. My brain can’t seem to wrap the words around the ideas of what I want to compose. What I am typing and reading back sounds like “Yoda speak.”  Understand me you, yes? And I have some...
    New beginnings. It can be considered new because of what I will be doing... but the "act" of what I am doing has been with me since birth. I know this lifestyle and have lived its many stages. Now, I share my experience to help others. We all want someone in our lives that "gets it." And I want...
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