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New Beginnings

What will people think?

New beginnings. It can be considered new because of what I will be doing... but the "act" of what I am doing has been with me since birth. I know this lifestyle and have lived its many stages. Now, I share my experience to help others. We all want someone in our lives that "gets it." And I want to be that someone!

I was asked several months ago to reflect deeply on the following question: "What do you enjoy doing each day that drives you to get up every morning?" I was "shushed" when I took a breathe and the questioner knew I was going to respond. She didn't want to know now. She wanted me to reflect. Journal. Question myself. And reflect some more.

As each day passed after that moment, my "reflection" on the question was less and less. I was caught up in life and my work. Until the answer came out of my mouth based on a question asked by someone else. And the answer was clear. Strong. Confident. And it surprised the heck out of me!

I said... "I just wish I could care for you and not worry about anything else, mom."

Anyone who knows me and my family closely knows I was raised in a caregiving household. It was just what we did. I actually began my official duties in middle school. What I didn't know and found during my internet search was there is a tremendous amount of information available, if you know where to look. And I thankfully landed at and the site that was created more than 20 years ago by Denise Brown. Where have you been all my life, Denise? This site is by far the best place to visit first if you find yourself considering or preparing for a caregiving role.

But it was set in stone. I wasn't being swayed and I began an internet search on a topic that has been a part of my entire life and this was the FIRST time I was looking for information. That topic was Caregiving and how can I help others?

What I didn't know was that she also created certifications for working with families (Certified Caregiving Consultant) as well as an educator (Certified Caregiving Educator) in order to present the stages of caregiving to the community and workplace. Knowledge is power.

Then all hell broke loose. My inner-self started firing off more questions at rapid speed: "Haven't you figured out what you want to be when you grow up? You are ?? years old, ya know." "What will your family... friends think?" "Are you sure?" "Now is not the time." "Why now?"

I am so blessed to have found Denise and her website and am grateful that she "gets it." Come along on this journey of new beginnings as I embark on becoming a Certified Caregiving Consultant and Certified Caregiving Educator.

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